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Yes. Looking at data from various academies over the last few years, we have established where participants need to wear protection in order to avoid injury.

Yes. A minimum standard is required of competitors in order to safely wield an LED Saber in competition. 

Yes. All instructors must be insured, which usually requires some form of qualification or certification.

Yes. Referees arbitrating at events should be trained in the relevant ruleset prior to the event, and have experience in arbitrating combat sports.

The Accords demonstrate a common set of principles that are consistent with other modern sports organisations and practices. Prospective new students, instructors, corporate clients and sponsors can all read the commitments made by signatories to uphold the values of the Accords.

Authorised representatives of any group, organization, or school, involved in any form of LED Saber combat.

The Saber Accords are there to help LED Saber schools work together to minimise injury and raise professional standards. If there are any elements that you do not agree with, you can query them with us. 

This is completely acceptable. As the sport grows it will take time for actual implementation of certain things (like referee training, equipment R&D, etc.). The Accords are a statement of agreement with principles, not specific actions. The only requirement is a good faith effort to meet the principles in any way possible or meaningful for your organization or group.

Nothing. The Accords are simply a document of agreement to overarching principles. They are not a demand for any particular action.

All signatories are welcome to withdraw at any point.

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