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led saber

LED Saber is a fantastic new combat sport, uniting the many diverse cultures of sword and stick fighting from across the world, throughout history, and beyond! 


It's a sport

Safe and competitive.


It's an art

A journey for the soul.


It's epic!

Fun for the audience, fun for the fighters.

the saber accords

The Saber Accords are a declaration of unity of intent. Signatories should agree with all the points contained in the Accords and are expected to pursue them in any way applicable. By doing so, signatories will become part of the community shaping the basic standards and definitions of our sport. These standards are present in every other professional sport, and we believe that it is now time for the multiverse of the LED Saber community to assert itself and coalesce as a unified body, capable of agreeing on parameters for competition and training, such that LED Saber is able to adopt a professional stance fit for the purpose of mass participation.


The Saber Accords do not exist as a directive, or a prescription. The Accords do not require any group to change their curriculum, organization, or methods, as long as good faith efforts are made to meet the Accords agreed upon principles. The Accords do not hold any power over any group or organization in any binding sense, and any signatory is free to withdraw at any time they deem fit.


It's a community

Bringing the LED Saber community together under the agreement.


It's professional

Becoming a recognised unified body of sporting professionals.


It's about safety

Shaping basic standards for our sport and the fighters participating within it.

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